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Windows XP  Tips & Tricks
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What happened to the start button?

The Start Button was replaced by the new Windows Orb (pictured Right) 
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Where did your programs go?

Many of the Program Names changed in Windows Vista.  My Computer is now Computer. My Network Places is now Network. Add or remove programs has become Programs and features. and Outlook Express has become Windows Mail.
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How do I get the Run command back on the start menu?

Right click on a blank spot on the start bar.  Click on Properties then choose the tab Start Menu and choose customize. Click on the run command to toggle it on to show on the start bar.
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Why can't I install that new program?

With the advent of Windows Vista, Microsoft is trying to protect you from rogue programs automatically being installed on your computer.  They did this by starting a program called UAC or User Account Control. We have found that several programs will not install with this feature enabled. In order to disable the UAC from running: Click on Start, Control Panel, User Accounts. Click on Turn User Accounts on or Off.  You must reboot your computer for the change to become effective.  If you want security, don't forget to turn it back on after you are finished installing your program.
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What are some of the new features in Vista?

Microsoft has incorporated several new programs into Windows Vista. Among the best are the Snipping tool (used to copy and paste pieces of the current window to whatever program you wish to) - found in Program Files Accessories. Another welcome enhancement is the additional functionality of MSConfig. It can be found by clicking on start and typing msconfig in the search window. There is a new tab called Tools which allows you to control most of the Windows settings. We also can't forget the new Search engine, conveniently located at the bottom of the start bar.
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